SMD series - Replaceable head drills

SMD series - Replaceable head drills
Recommended Application

Replaceable type drill with exchangeable heads using an unique radial serration design, for high precision and strength

Exchangeable drill heads provide new cutting edges, higher productivity and cost efficiency with easy tool management. Regrinding allowance of 1.5mm to 3.0mm makes further tool cost reductions possible

MTL Features

Optimized design for high efficiency drilling of general steel

1.Strong peripheral cutting edge

2.Large edge treatment


MTL for Large diameters

Optimized design for high ductile materials used for large casing

1.Speciallized edge treatment designed to handle low machine and clamp rigidity situations

2.Utilizing a high toughness substrate which prevents unexpected breakages when working with expensive materials

3.Large thinning angle designed to reduce thrust in heavy cutting

*Strong helix angle design improves chip control when drilling high ductile materials

MEL Features

Optimized design for hard-to-cut material such as stainless steel, mild steel, gray cast iron, low rigidity setups

Excellent cutting edge design for SUS and mild steel, etc. (SS material, etc.)

Large thinning angle prevents breakage at the convex R-profile portion, particularly when drilling mild steel and it also reduces breakage caused by adhesion when drilling stainless steel

Improved edge chipping at the hole exit on cast iron

Better edge sharpness at the peripheral edge prevents chipping at the hole exit when drilling cast iron


1.Sharp peripheral cutting edge

2.Small edge treatment

MB Features

Optimized design for drilling rolled steel for welded structures (single or stacked plates)


1.New J-flute design

Unique wide and smooth flute shape significantly improve chip control and evacuation

2.Excellent fracture resistance and excellent chip control with a cutting edeg designed exclusively for drilling structural steel

3.High toughness substrate and reinforced edge treatment reduces peripheral edge chipping caused by sudden work shift

4.Centrally located oil holes which directs coolant at the cutting edge even during MQL drilling

*150° point angle
*High quality polished flute

Smooth flute surface greatly improves chip evacuation