Terms and conditions for CAD-Data download

Please read the terms and conditions

1. All intellectual properties, including copyrights of the CAD data which can be downloaded from this site shall be retained by Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. or Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corp (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").

2. Downloaded CAD data may be used only for the purpose of confirming shapes and dimensions when using products of the Company.

3. It is strictly prohibited to copy, revise, modify, publish, or reprint downloaded CAD data, or transfer, lend it to any third parties, without prior permission of the Company.

4. The dimension values extracted from drawings of CAD data shall not be guaranteed to match actual products of the Company.

5. The contents of CAD data may be changed without any notices for the purpose of product improvements, etc. Please note that the contents of downloaded CAD data may be changed without any notice.

6. Except that all possible measures to ensure the correctness of CAD data will be taken, Company shall have no responsibility for any damage or loss caused by use of such data.

7. Please note that the contents of this site services may be changed or abandoned without any notice.

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