Sumitomo Electric Expands SEC-WaveMill™ WFX Series with WFXC and WFXH Cutter Bodies

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  • Sumitomo Electric Expands SEC-WaveMill™ WFX Series with WFXC and WFXH Cutter Bodies

Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal has expanded its SEC-WaveMill™ WFX series with the chamfer milling cutter body "WFXC" type and the high-efficiency, multi-functional cutter body "WFXH" type. Sales commenced in October 2016.

SEC-WaveMill™ WFX series

In recent years, many specialized tools have been developed to answer the growing demands for a wide range of machining applications such as shoulder milling, chamfering, and plunge milling. This has also led to an increase in the number of tools used, resulting in increasingly complex stock control issues such as lack of space and tool management problems.
Utilizing the same inserts used for the SEC-WaveMill™ WFX series, the expanded WFXC and WFXH cutter bodies help alleviate these tool management issues. In addition, the WFXC type can be used for chamfering, while the WFXH type can be used for high-feed milling and plunge milling applications, thus enabling a wider range of applications for the inserts conventionally used for shoulder milling.

The features of this grade are as follows:


(1) Versatility
Utilizing the existing WFX series inserts, not only for shoulder milling, but also for chamfering, high-feed machining, as well as plunge milling applications.

(2) Economical
Single-sided insert with 4 usable corners is expected to reduce machining costs.


New Expanded Lineup

WFXCWFXCShank type ø8 to ø32mm (4 items)
Modular (indexable) type ø16 to ø32mm (3 items)
WFXHWFXHSpot-facing type ø40 to ø63mm (6 items)
Modular (indexable) type ø25 to ø40mm (3 items)


Sales plan

Estimated annual sales of 50 million yen in the first year, and 100 million yen from the second year onward.


Standard Pricing

WFXC 25,000 to 43,500yen (excluding tax)
WFXH 37,000 to 53,000yen (excluding tax)