• Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

    A global company that contributes to the development of social infrastructure by developing a wide range of businesses in five areas: automotives, information and communications, electronics, electric wires and equipment and energy, and industrial materials through original R & D.

  • Sumitomo Electric Tool Net, Inc.

    A sales company that plays a central role in domestic sales of Sumitomo Electric Hard Metal Corp. and has established regional-based bases nationwide.

  • Hokkaido Sumiden Precision Co., Ltd.

    An automated mass production plant for the "Igetalloy" cutting edge replacement insert, which is at the forefront of the mechatronics era.

  • Tohoku Sumiden Precision Co., Ltd.

    "Igetalloy" manufacturing base with steel tool (milling cutter), high-efficiency line of MULTIDRILL, latest processing technology, and service function of Tohoku area.

  • Tokai Sumiden Precision Co., Ltd.

    "Igetalloy" manufacturing base with both service functions in the Chukyo area and mass-production functions for specified products.

  • Kyushu Sumiden Seimitsu Ltd.

    The world's leading electronics industry in Japan. A mass-production plant for "Igetalloy" precision tools that supports the foundation.

  • A.L.M.T. Corp.

    A comprehensive manufacturer of tungsten products/molybdenum products/heat radiation board materials and diamond tools and CBN tools.


    Manufacture and sale of cemented carbide materials for circular cutting tools such as drills and endmills; manufacture and sale of other cemented carbide materials.

  • ASDEX Ltd.

    Total alloy type supplier involved in the development, manufacture and sale of molds for forging.

  • Sunray Reinetsu Co., Ltd.

    Sumitomo Electric Industrial Group. Manufacture and sale of combustion equipment (burners), environmental equipment, and industrial equipment.