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new products

Highlights of New Product Information.

The volume of 36 pages covers Sumitomo's new products.

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Coated Grades for Steel
AC8000P Series

AC8000P Series

For all steel turning

Realizes absolutely stable cutting in every scene from high-speed cutting to interrupted cutting.

AC8015P ▶ Ideal for high-speed machiningwith excellent wear resistance
AC8020P ▶ Newly launched. Exhibits both wear and fracture resistance in high-efficiency machining
AC8025P ▶ 1st recommended grade, with absolute reliability
AC8035P ▶ Suppresses tool breakages during interrupted cutting

Coated Grades for Exotic Alloy
AC5000S Series

AC5000S Series

Extreme level of exotic alloy turning

Suppresses cutting edge damage typical of exotic alloy machining, with a newly developed carbide substrate and PVD coating.

AC5005S ▶ Newly launched. Great high-temperature strength realises excellent wear resistance in high-efficiency machining
AC5015S ▶ 1st recommended grade with both wear and fracture resistance
AC5025S ▶ High-toughness grade realising stable tool life in interrupted cutting

Through-tool Coolant Supply Holder
SEC-External Holders DCLN-J/DDJN-J/DVJN-J/DWLN-J Type

SEC-External Holders DCLN-J/DDJN-J/DVJN-J/DWLN-J Type

Through-clamp internal coolant supply holder improves chip evacuation and tool life

▶ Enables directed coolant supply from a close range, towards the cutting edge

▶ Suppresses flank wear with additional coolant supply to the flank face

▶ Realises high rigidity and indexing accuracy with double clamping

Grooving / Cut-off Tools
SEC-Grooving Tool Holders GND Series


Outstanding chip control and chatter resistance

Available in 11 grades and 10 chipbreaker types, for a wide range of machining applications. Expansion of the Through-tool Coolant Holder "GNDM-J Type/GNDL-J Type" for Small Lathe. Coolant can be supplied from the toolpost without a hose. Realising improved chip evacuation, tool life, and reduced setup time.

AC8000P and AC5000S series expansion to support high-speed steel machining to exotic alloy machining

Tooling Systems
Smart Damper™ SDB Type

SDB Type

Anti-vibration mechanism reduces chattering

▶ Adopting a special damper mechanism to suppress chattering for large diameter holders with long overhang of L/D = 5 to 8.

▶ Replacable heads enable a wide selection positive and negative inserts.

▶ Internal coolant supply improves chip evacuation and tool life.

*Smart Damper™ is a registered trademark of BIG DAISHOWA Co., Ltd.

Coated CBN for Hardened Steel Machining
Coated SUMIBORON BNC2115/BNC2125


The Pinnacle of High Accuracy, High-efficiency Cutting

New next-generation CBN grades realise even higher-efficiency machining of hardened steel.

BNC2115 ▶ The definitive grade in high-accuracy machining

BNC2125 ▶ 1st recommended grade from high-efficiency machining to interrupted cutting

Solid CBN Grades


From Roughing to Finishing of Cast Iron, Hard-to-cut Cast Iron, and Hardened Steel

100% solid CBN structure supporting large depth machining.

BNC8115 ▶ High-adhesion PVD coating suppresses flank wear in machining of hard-to-cut cast iron and hardened steel

BNS8125 ▶ Balances strength and toughness in the pursuit of long tool life for grey cast iron machining

CBN for Cast Iron or Powdered Metal Machining


For High-efficiency Machining of Cast Iron or Powdered Metal

Enhanced bonding strength between CBN grains achieve high-accuracy, high-efficiency finishing of powdered metal. Achieves long tool life in highspeed finishing of cast iron.

High-Efficiency Shoulder Milling Cutter for General Purpose


Ultra-Refined Universal Cutter, Now Available for Multi-tasking Machines

Series expansion of the popular WEZ series for multi-tasking machines,with a shank design that supports ER collets for increased rigidity.
Enables high-efficiency machining and realising excellent finished surface quality.

▶ A wide selection of inserts, expanded to 288 items

New Universal Grade for Milling
Coated Carbide Grades for Milling ACU2500


Applicable to a wide variety of work materials, for a long and stable tool life

Utilising a tough and hard substrate, coupled with the latest "Absotech" coating technology
Huge expansion with 6 types of inserts for more applicable cutters, to cover a variety of applications

WEZ Series  ▶TSX Series  ▶DFC Series
WFX Series  ▶DGC Series  ▶WGX Series

New generation milling grades
Coated Carbide Grades for Milling XCU2500/XCK2000


Achieving extremely long tool life from general to high-efficiency machining

New milling grades that utilises the next-generation "Absotech X" coating technology

A combination of wear resistance, higher than that of conventional CVD layers, and fracture resistance, comparable PVD layers

High-efficiency PCD Cutter for Aluminum Alloys


Achieves high-speed and high-efficiency aluminum alloy machining

Ensuring coolant supply to the cutting edge via through-blade coolant to effectively breaks chips

New heads for modular tools that support long-overhang machining. (Modular cutter diameter range: ø25 to ø40 mm)

Introducing the new CVD single crystal-diamond wiper blade. Achieves a mirror finish with a sharp cutting edge, and significant burr suppression

High feed cutter
SEC-Sumi Dual Mill DMSW Series

DMSW Series

Stable machining in wide range application by composite arc cutting edge

High strength Insert 7mm thickness

Achieves stable machining in a wide range of applications due to the composite arc cutting edge
High-efficiency machining is possible by suppressing chatter even when machining with long overhang

Solid Carbide Reamer
SumiReamer SSR Series

SSR Series

Rewriting the Book on Reamers, From Small Diameters

High efficiency and high accuracy achieved through excellent cutting edge quality and gradual right-hand helix flutes, along with a dedicated coating for reamers

Replaceable Head Drill


The Ultimate in Low-cost Drilling

New indexable head MSL type is ideal for the drilling of soft steel and stainless steel. A total of 148 items has been added, including cylindrical shanks holders with flanges.

Indexable Drills
SumiDrill WDX Series

SumiDrill WDX Series

Balanced Design for Stable, High-Quality Drilling

Introducing the M type chipbreaker exclusively for stainless steel. A choice of 4 different chipbreakers can be selected to best suit a wide variety of applications.

Nano-polycrystalline CBN Tools


Ultra-high precision for direct milling of hardened steel dies

Ideal for direct milling of high hardness materials such as hardened steel molds.
Maintains long-term high accuracy and excellent surface finish.

Nano-polycrystalline CBN Tools


Ultra-high Efficiency and Long Tool Life in Machining of Exotic Alloys and Hardened Steel

Ideal for finishing of exotic alloys like Ni-based heat-resistant alloys and mold materials for Additive Manufacturing
Excellent thermal conductivity achieves superb wear resistance.
Super multi-teeth design greatly improves machining efficiency and reduces total cost

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