New Products

AC5015S / AC5025S


Release date : March. 2019

Extreme level of exotic alloy machining

Newly developed carbide substrate and PVD coating to overcome the difficulty of exotic alloy turning.

Typical damage in the work material with low heat conductivity and high strength, breakage by crater wear and notch wear can be reduced.

GND Series (Expansion)


Internal coolant holder
GNDM-J type / GNDL-J types expanded

External Grooving
New internal coolant holder provides both high efficiency and long tool life under high speed grooving conditions, making coolant supply more efficient
New CF type chipbreaker with 10- and 15-degree front angle in addition to CG type with 5-degree

SSH Series


Release date : April. 2019
New series for small diameter machining

Min. machining diameter is φ8mm. The carbide holder reduces chattering for small diameter grooving. Unique fitting structure provides highprecision cutting edge positioning.

WEZ Series


Release date : April. 2019
High-Efficiency Shoulder Milling Cutter for General Purpose

Newly ultra-refined cutter and new grades for general purpose

A high precision cutter balanced in cutting edge strength, body durability, cutting performance, squareness and surface roughness. Also featuring the debut of new grade ACU2500 for rough to finish milling of steel, stainless steel and cast iron.



Release date : April. 2019
High-Speed and High-Efficient Cutter for Aluminum Alloy

Achieves high-speed and high-efficiency aluminum alloy machining

Debut of new series with cutter diameter φ32 to φ160mm body and 6 types of cutting edge.

Breaks chips, with more efficient coolant supply due to adopting bradethrough coolant.

TSX Series (Expansion)


Expanded series now offering deep-step shoulder milling

Shoulder milling cutter with tangential ground insert.

Tangential insert▶
Stable high productivity milling
Ground insert▶
Less cutting force and machined surface accuracy

Flexible design to repeater, side cutter and other special cutters with the same inserts.

MDE Series (Expansion)


Expanded the small-diameter sizes of economical MULTIDRILL NeXEO

Covers a wide range with 1 drill. Stable tool life in various cutting conditions and work materials such as high-carbon steels, die steels and stainless steels.

Drill diameter φ1.0 to φ2.9mm will be expanded.

MDF Series (Expansion)


Flat MULTIDRILL, now with even greater utility

Reliable drill for spot facing, drilling of non-flat surface and process integration.

Expanded drill series for pre-tap hole drilling and drill diameter φ12.1 to φ15.9mm in addition to standard & long shank, internal coolant and head replaceable type.



Nano-polycrystalline CBN Grade

Excellent performance in exotic alloy machining

The cutting edge adopts nano-polycrystalline CBN with higher hardness and improved thermal conductivity compared to conventional CBN.

This ensures higher efficiency and longer tool life for use with exotic alloys such as titanium alloy and Co-Cr alloy.

NPD10 / DA90


PCD Tool for Carbide & Hard Brittle Material

Best suited for rough to finish machining of cemented carbide and hard brittle materials

Expanded range of new inserts for machining of cemented carbide and hard brittle material.

Suited for rough machining
Suited for finish machining