Development and Sales of SEC-WaveMill™ WEZ Modular Type

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President: Osamu Inoue, hereinafter referred to as "our company") has developed and launched the high-precision shoulder milling cutter SEC-WaveMill™ WEZ Modular Type.

In recent years, the severity of the dimensional tolerance and machining quality required in the machining sector has increased. As such, the demand for improvement in wall surface precision and machined surface roughness for cutting tools is growing stronger.

In response to these needs, our company launched the "SEC-WaveMill™ WEZ Type" in April 2019. Recently, we have developed modular tools that can mount the WEZ type insert for high precision and stability in longer tool overhang machining. An indexable head type endmill, utilizing high-precision inserts with cutting edge sharpness, achieves superior wall surface precision and surface finish quality even in long overhang machining. In addition, a total of 36 items in 10 grades with various combinations of different nose radii and new inserts grades were released at the same time. Raising the total number of insert selections to 124 items, covering the various machining requirements in the automotive, aircraft, shipbuilding, industrial machinery, and metal mold sectors.

Development and Sales of SEC-WaveMill™ WEZ Modular Type

1. Features

Stable Long Tool Overhang Machining

The combination of a cutter head mounted with sharp cutting edged inserts, along with either a carbide arbor or steel arbor, enables machining in L/D>3 long overhangs.

Excellent Machining Precision and Surface Finish Quality

With the combination of an optimized insert cutting edge shape and high-precision insert molding technology, superb wall surface accuracy and surface finish quality can be achieved in shoulder milling.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Machining Applications

Lineup of cutter body diameters from ø16 to ø40 mm capable of large ramping angles with newly developed insert nose radii and new insert grades, covers a wide range of machining applications.

2. Lineup

Body (Total of 38 Cat. Nos.)

WEZ11 Type Cutter Diameter ø16 to ø40 mm 25 Cat. Nos.
WEZ17 Type Cutter Diameter ø25 to ø40 mm 13 Cat. Nos

Insert (Total of 36 Cat. Nos.) 10 Grades

3. Sales Plan

600 million JPY/Year in the first year, 1 billion JPY/Year after 2 years

4. Price

25,400 to 57,800 JPY (excluding tax)