RSX series - RadiusMill for exotic alloys

RSX series - RadiusMill for exotic alloys
Recommended Application

Utilizing a high raked design + a high rigidity body to achieve low cutting force machining with less chattering

Features Features

Cutter body designed with both edge sharpness and rigidity, achieves stable machining even on machines with low clamping rigidity In addition, utilizing insert grades for machining stainless steel and exotic alloys, long tool life can be achieved in machining of stainless steel and inconel etc.
Significantly improved reliability in the machining of exotic alloys


Low cutting force and low chattering design

Achieving low cutting force and low chattering machining with a super high-raked and high rigidity cutter body design.


Superior ease-of-use

Original insert locating mechanism provides high accuracy, ease-of-use and easy corner management.

12mm/16mm insert sizes can use up to 8 corners while 10mm insert size can use up to 4 corners