Lens, Mirror for CO2 Laser

Beam Splitter


The diffractive beam splitter is a DOE, Diffractive Optical Elements, that splits laser light into multiple beams and realizes simultaneous focusing on multiple points by combining lenses. Various beam intensity patterns are formed by line or matrix distribution.

●Can be used in conjunction with a multi-mode laser as well as with a single-mode.

●Offers easy alignment, splitting characteristics do not depend on beam incidence position.

●Spot pitch is proportional to the focal length of focusing optics.

●Moving parallel to the scanning in-line beam spots parallel to their sequence can achieve deep penetration.

●Spot pitch adjustment is possible by positioning the Diffractive Beam Splitter after the focusing lens.

●Pitch adjustment of multi-point scribing is possible by rotating the Diffractive Beam Splitter.


Zinc selenide (ZnSe) is the material used most frequently because its transparency to infrared CO2 laser beams is high (absorption coefficient is small), and it transmits visible guide light. Sumitomo Electric has established a consistent production through growth of the optical crystal to polishing and coating.


The anti-reflection coatings are used on the both side of lenses.

No ThF4 (thorium fluoride : radioactive material) is used for CO2 laser optics of Sumitomo Electric. We provide environment-friendly products.


Spec Examples


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Cat. No. Wavelength (µm)
No. of Spots
Diffraction Effciency (%) Intensity uniformity (%) Noise intensity (%)
Dimensions (mm)
External øD Thickness
DBS Z1-4X1-919 10.6 4×1 919 85 ±4 < 6 ZnSe ø38.1 3.00
DBS Z1-7X1-394 7×1 394 68 ±1 < 4 ø50.8 5.08
DBS Z1-8X1-197 8×1 197 68 ±1 < 5 ø50.8 5.08
DBS Z1-8X1-394 8×1 394 69 ±1 < 5 ø50.8 5.08
DBS Z1-7X7-394 7×7 394 76 ±3 < 5 ø50.8 5.08
DBS Z1-50X1-500 50×1 500 83 ±1 < 3 ø50.8 5.08
DBS Z9-7X1-346 9.3 7×1 346 74 ±1 < 4 ø50.8 5.08
DBS Z9-7X7-346 7×7 346 76 ±3 < 5 ø50.8 5.08

*1 Combination focusing lens focal length:f100mm

*In addition to the above specifications, custom design services are available for required numbers and arragements of spots.

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