Lens, Mirror for CO2 Laser



Mirrors which have both the durability and the reliability of transmission of a high power laser beam without decreasing its quality. We have various lineups that zero phase shift mirrors, 1/4 phase retarders, metal mirrors, and parabolic mirrors for focusing high power laser light more than 5kW, and scan mirrors for galvanoscanners in which oval and polygon shape silicon mirrors operates at a high speed.


Considering for optical precision, Copper (Cu) and Silicon (Si) are used because they have superior processing characteristics for optical precision and superior heat conductance for cooling efficiency. For parts where adhesion of sputtering is intense, Molybdenum (Mo), which have material characteristics of a high melting point and high hardness, is used.


Various coatings are used on the mirror surface to secure reflectivity and improve polarization control, and improvement of durability. It is necessary to choose a type of coating according to the usage and use environment.

Type (Symbol) Reflectivity Characteristic
Zero Phase Shift Coating (EZ) 99.5% Adds a function to maintain the polarization state of the laser beam in addition to getting high reflectivity by a dielectric multilayer film.
1/4 Phase Shift Coating (ER) 99.3% Used to convert a laser beam from linear polarization to circular polarization.
Enhanced Gold Coating (EG) 99.5% Most common coating which realizes high reflectivity by a dielectric multilayer film based on gold coating.
Gold Coating (G) 99.0% Used mainly with a high power laser in combination with a copper substrate, which is superior mainly in heat conductance. It has good reflectivity but is easily damaged.
Molibdenum Coating (M) 98.0% Superior in sputtering resistance but has slightly low reflectivity.

Spec Examples

Zero Phase Shift Mirrors

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Spec. No. Dimensions (mm) Materials Angle of Incident
øD T
RI 38.1-5.1-EZ 38.1 5.1 Si 45deg
RI 44.5-4-EZ 44.5 4
RI 44.5-4-EZ22.5 22.5deg
RI 50-10-EZ 50 10 45deg
RI 50.8-5-EZ 50.8 5
RI 50.8-6-EZ 6
RI 60-6-EZ 60 6
RI 63.5-6.35-EZ 63.5 6.35
RI 75-10-EZ 75 10
RI 76.2-6-EZ 76.2 6
RI 76.2-6.35-EZ 6.35
RI 101.6-8.89-EZ 101.6 8.89
RI 101.6-12.7-EZ 12.7
RD 38.1-6.35-EZ 38.1 6.35 Cu 45deg
RD 50-10-EZ 50 10
RD 50.8-5-EZ 50.8 5
RD 50.8-9.5-EZ 9.5
RD 60-10-EZ 60 10
RD 63.5-12.7-EZ 63.5 12.7
RD 76.2-6.35-EZ 76.2 6.35
RD 76.2-12.7-EZ 12.7

1/4 Phase Retarders

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Spec. No. Dimensions (mm) Materials
øD T
RI 38.1-5.1-ER 38.1 5.1 Si
RI 50-10-ER 50 10
RI 50.8-5-ER 50.8 5
RI 50.8-6-ER 6
RI 50.8-9.5-ER 9.5
RI 60-6-ER 60 6
RI 75-10-ER 75 10
RI 76.2-6.35-ER 76.2 6.35
RI 101.6-8.89-ER 101.6 8.89
RD 38.1-6.35-ER 38.1 6.35 Cu
RD 50-10-ER 50 10
RD 50.8-5-ER 50.8 5
RD 50.8-9.5-ER 9.5
RD 60-10-ER 60 10
RD 63.5-12.7-ER 63.5 12.7
RD 76.2-6.35-ER 76.2 6.35
RD 76.2-12.7-ER 12.7

EG Coated Mirrors

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Spec. No. Dimensions (mm) Materials Angle of Incident
øD T
RI 12-2-EG 12 2 Si 45deg
RI 15-3-EG 15 3
RI 19.1-3-EG 19.1 3
RI 20-3-EG 20 3
RI 25.4-3-EG 25.4 3
RI 30-5-EG 30 5
RI 38.1-5.1-EG 38.1 5.1
RI 44.5-4-EG 44.5 4
RI 50-5-EG 50 5
RI 50.8-5-EG 50.8 5
RI 60-6-EG 60 6

Metal Mirrors

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Spec. No. Dimensions (mm) Materials Coating
øD T
RD 25.4-5-G 25.4 5 Cu Au
RD 30-5-G 30 5
RD 38.1-5-G 38.1 5
RD 40-7.5-G 40 7.5
RD 44.5-9.53-G 44.5 9.53
RD 50-5-G 50 5
RD 50-7.5-G 7.5
RD 50-9-G 9
RD 50-10-G 10
RD 50.8-5-G 50.8 5
RD 50.8-9.5-G 9.5
RD 60-6-G 60 6
RD 60-10-G 10
RD 63.5-7-G 63.5 7
RD 63.5-12.7-G 12.7
RD 70-20-G 70 20
RD 76.2-6.35-G 76.2 6.35
RD 76.2-12.7-G 12.7
RD 50.8-5-M 50.8 5 Cu Mo
RM 50-5-U 50 5 Mo
RM 76.2-6.35-U 76.2 6.35
RM 101.6-8.9-U 101.6 8.9

Parabolic Mirrors

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Spec. No. Dimensions (mm) Materials Coating Bend Angle
PAD 76F190.5-G90 76 190.5 Cu Au 90deg
PAD 76F190.5-M90 Mo
PAD 76F254-G90 254 Au
PAD 76F254-M90 Mo

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