• Positive M-class chipbreaker for general turning

    GU type

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  • Negative M-class chipbreaker for finishing

    FE type / FB type

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  • Positive M-class chipbreakers for finishing

    FB type / LB type

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  • Chipbreakers for alminum alloy and non-ferrous metal

    AX type / AY type / AG type

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  • Chipbreakers for high efficiency machining

    SE type / GE type / ME type

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  • G-Class Positive 3D Chipbreaker Series for Swiss Lathe

    SI type / FF type / SL type Chipbreaker

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  • CBN Inserts with chipbreaker

    SUMIBORON Break Master Series
    FV type / LVtype / SV type

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  • PCD inserts with chipbreaker for aluminum alloy

    SUMIDIA Break Master
    LD type / GD type

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  • CBN inserts with wiper edge

    SUMIBORON One-Use Wiper Inserts
    WG type / WH type

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  • Chipbreaker series for exotic alloys

    EG type / EF type

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  • Wiper inserts for finishing

    SEW type

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  • Coated CBN grades for machining of hardened steel

    Insert for high efficiency machining and special holders

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