Direct milling on cemented carbide materials


Ideal for high-efficiency machining and finishing of cemented carbide

Recommended Work Material

  • CC
  • HB


Ideal for high-efficiency machining and finishing of cemented carbide

Direct milling on cemented carbide materials "SUMIDIA Binderless"

SUMIDIA Binderless is a polycrystalline diamond that directly binds nanometer-sized diamond particles with high strength without using binders. SUMIDIA Binderless is harder than single-crystal diamond and has no cleavability. Therefore, it enables machining of hard brittle materials such as carbides and enables new machining methods.

SUMIDIA Binderless is a pure diamond, but, unlike single-crystal diamonds, has no anisotropy. Therefore, it displays excellent wear resistance with less uneven wear.

Thanks to its polycrystalline structure, SUMIDIA Binderless has no cleavability peculiar to single-crystal diamonds and displays excellent fracture resistance.

Comparison of Structures and Hardness

Mold Finish Master SUMIDIA BINDERLESS Ball-nose Endmills "NPD series"

The NPD series achieves direct mirror finishing of carbides, which is impossible for existing single-crystal or polycrystalline diamonds, by utilizing a harder nano-polycrystalline diamond cutting edge.

Ideal for Finishing of Hard, Brittle Materials Including Carbide

Provides excellent machined surface quality thanks to the sharp cutting edge and optimized edge treatment.

Enables High-Precision Machining and Achieves Long Tool Life

Maintains excellent dimensional accuracy for a long time thanks to the high contour accuracy of the cutting edge and the excellent wear resistance of diamonds.

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