Metal Mirror

Metal Mirror

Copper and aluminum with high thermal conductivity are used for the base material. It is hard to break at the time of damage, high safety for fiber laser and YAG laser. Effective cooling is allowed by directly water-cooled structure. It is effective for use at high energy density such as converging beams in the middle.


Copper (CU) and aluminum (AL) are used on demand.


Both a gold coating that reflectivity 98.0% and an enhanced gold coating that reflectivity 99.8% are used on demand.

Metal Mirror

Spec. No. Dimension(mm) Material Coating
φD T
RD 25.4-5-G 25.4 5 Cu Au
RD 30-5-G 30 5
RD 38.1-5-G 38.1 5
RD 40-7.5-G 40 7.5
RD 44.5-9.53-G 44.5 9.53
RD 50-5-G 50 5
RD 50-7.5-G 7.5
RD 50-9-G 9
RD 50-10-G 10
RD 50.8-5-G 50.8 5
RD 50.8-9.5-G 9.5
RD 60-6-G 60 6
RD 60-10-G 10
RD 63.5-7-G 63.5 7
RD 63.5-12.7-G 12.7
RD 70-20-G 70 20
RD 76.2-6.35-G 76.2 6.35
RD 76.2-12.7-G 12.7
RD 50.8-5-M 50.8 5 Cu Mo
RM 50-5-U 50 5 Mo
RM 76.2-6.35-U 76.2 6.35
RM 101.6-8.9-U 101.6 8.9

Parabolic Mirror

Spec. No. Dimension(mm) Material Coating Bend Angle
PAD 76F190.5-G90 76 190.5 Cu Au 90deg
PAD 76F190.5-M90 Mo
PAD 76F254-G90 254 Au
PAD 76F254-M90 Mo

※ Please contact us with specific requests if you require other specifications.